My podcast is launched!

I launched my new podcast yesterday on Podbean. It is a news commentary and also Bible study podcast. I look at news through a Biblical perspective where I can something that a lot of conservative hosts tend to shy away from. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, I am what is called a theocrat. I am for leaders who champion God’s causes not their own. I believe in government that is ran by the teachings in the Scriptures the way our founding fathers meant America to be! This is a segment of the podcast. It is the Bible study portion of the program and in this one, I focus on Revelation 18 and what I believe is the future for America if it doesn’t change its ways. It is in video format here to make it more eye appealing. I have included the links below if you are interested in hearing the entire podcast which is a bit long, 2 hours. This is me, taking my mask off so to speak, and coming out of the anonymity I have had here in my blog. If you have any comments about this or anything here in the blog, you can email me at

podcast info